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Commission status: Open

I price them by how long I think it will take me to finish it and the cost of the materials being used to create it. Even if it ends up taking longer to finish it than I had originally planned, you will not have to pay extra. The price also depends on how complicated or detailed the piece you want is.

If you want to commission me, please contact me or note me on deviantArt.

I will draw:
- Your own characters
- Basically anything else... except...

I won't draw:
- Graphic violence or rape
- Sex/ nudity
- Fanart (Exception: Only if you created the characters, yourself, or someone else gave you permission to use their character(s).)

~Materials and Pricing~
The range depends on the amount of detail, and the coloring choices used. Listed, starting from the cheapest. If you want mixed media, just let me know. It's usually $20 per hour, though.

Basically what determines the amount of time is Shading, Style, Size and Medium (Or "S.S.S.M."). Also, what matters is the amount of detail and if you want a background.
(In order from the least to the most expensive):
1. Shading: No Shading (flat colors)--> Cel-Shading (like most animes)--> Smooth Shading (most realistic)
2. Style: Cartoony--> Anime (half and half)--> Realism
3. Size: 3" X 5" (Or Smaller)--> 8 1/2" X 11" (Medium-sized)--> 18" X 22" (Or larger)
4. Medium: (B&W) Pencil--> Pen and Ink--> Pen and Ink with screentones or markers
(Color) Digital--> Markers--> Colored Pencils--> Paint (acrylic, watercolor, oil)

Black and White:

Sketches (pencil or digital):
$5 (15 mins.)--> $40 (2 hours)

Cleaned Pencil lineart:
$6.75 (20 mins.)--> $60 (3 hours)

Pen and Ink (lineart):
$20 (1 hour)--> $350 (17.5 hours)

Pen and Ink (with Prismacolor Grey-toned markers, Digital Screentones, or greyscale shading):
$60 (3 hours)--> $
160 (8 hours)

Pencil Shaded:
$20 (1 hour)--> $400 (20 hours)


Digital Coloring (Adobe Photoshop, Paint Tool Sai):
$60 (3 hours)--> $300 (15 hours)

Markers (Copic, Prismacolor):
$70 (3.5 hours)--> $350 (17.5 hours)

Colored Pencils (Prismacolor):
$60 (3 hours)-->$
500 (25 hours)

Traditional Painting (acrylic, watercolors, oil):
$90 (4.5 hours)-->
$800 (40 hours)

~When asking for a commission~

Give me a description of what you'd like, being as detailed as you can. Then, I'll come up with a price estimate. Reference images are always helpful (but they're not required)! They just make my job easier, which means cheaper prices for you!
Also, let me know what style you want it in...!
Tell me what sized paper (or canvas) you'd like the work on. The final version of inked drawings are done on brisol board. Sketches are done on sketch paper, Watercolors are done on watercolor paper; oil paintings are done on canvas or canvas board, etc...
If you don't want me to send it to you in the mail (i.e.- if I'm just doing a digital drawing), then I'll take the shipping charges out. Let me know beforehand, okay? If I'm doing a traditional painting for you, you might as well let me ship it to you. After all that money you spent, I'd think you'd wanna have the "real thing," right?
You get to keep the preliminary sketches/drawings too.

~Example Prices~

- 5" x 8.5" Pencil Sketches are $5-$40
- 5" x 8.5" Cleaned Pencils are $6.75-$60
- 8.5" x 11" Pencil Shaded drawings are $20-$350
- 5" x 8.5" Pen and Ink drawings will be $20-$150
- 8.5" x 11" Pen and Ink drawings will be $40-$200
- 5" x 8.5" Colored Pencil drawings will be $60-$200
- 8.5" x 11" Colored Pencil drawings will be $80-$300
- 9" x 11" Watercolor paintings will be $90-$350
- 16" x 20" Oil paintings will be $500-$800
- 18" x 24" Oil paintings will be $600-$1000

Of course, you aren't constrained to those sizes, but that's just to give you an idea. You can always just ask for an estimate and not have to commit to an actual commission. These prices depend on the size and complexity of the image. Just ask me!

~About the Progress~

Once we do agree on the pricing, I'll require a 10% non-refundable deposit fee so I can start working on your commission. It goes toward your final price.
When I am half done with the picture, and you are happy with it, I'll need at half of the full payment in order for me to continue. (Example: If your image was $100... $10 would be the deposit fee, an additional $40 will be needed for the halfway price of $50, and then $50 again once I am done, and you are completely satisfied with it. Then I ship it!)

~Updates on Progress~

Example: If you want a colored pencil drawing...
I'd take a picture of the w.i.p. (work in progress) and update you when:
1) You want changes in the drawing and I fix them.
2) The prelim sketch is finished**
3) When the inked version is finished
This is where I consider it half-done, so I'll require half the money.
4) Then, I do the final colored version. If you like what you see, you pay me the other half, and then I ship it.

**If you want to change something, it's better to ask while it's still a sketch. If you want to add something that wasn't in the initial picture, it'll cost a little more. Please be specific about the colors you want used.

I accept Paypal and money orders. Thanks for reading!

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